Nails and Pedicures
Manicure & Spa Pedicure
Blondie’s specialty treatments help renew the appearance of  
your hands and feet & keep your nails strong and healthy.

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Natural Nail Care
Begin relaxing with a neck and shoulder massage along with
filing, shaping, cuticle softening, hot towel wrap, invigorating
hand and arm massage finished with a flawless polish applied.

Acrylic Nails
Enjoy getting a precision application of Acrylic nails by our
specialized nail technician with years of experience in the
Acrylic Nail field. Nothing matches the level of quality
provided by a true Acrylic Nail Specialist, and you deserve it.
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Spa Pedicure
For your relaxation you will be seated in a comfortable
massaging chair while your feet are placed in a soothing spa
whirlpool soak.  During your relaxing experience, you will
receive shaping of the toenail, cuticle softening, ex-foliation,
massage, and a flawless finish with polish of your choice.
Express Pedicure
For those who have regular pedicures and are seeking a lower
cost-effective approach to keeping the feet in pristine condition
throughout the year or just in the summer season, try our
Express Pedicure Services, with all the quality and attention to
detail your feet deserve at a slightly reduced cost of just
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 Artificial Nail Enhancements
Let our artificial nail specialist create the hands you have
always dreamed of. Upon a consultation assessing your life
style, needs and goals, our artificial nail specialist will create
the most natural looking enhancements, perfect for you.
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